The Lazy Business Owner's Guide to Social Media Marketing

July 19, 2023

The Lazy Business Owner's Guide to Social Media Marketing

To be fair, we know business owners aren't lazy! We understand that you can't do everything 100% all the time. Maintaining your business’s presence on social media can—quite literally—become a full-time job. We get asked all the time how small businesses can manage their own accounts and how often they should be posting on social media. Like all things in marketing, it depends! But, if you don’t have the time, or, if social media isn’t your thing, here’s a bare bones checklist of what your business should be doing when it comes to managing your social media. 

If your social media accounts check these boxes, you’ve got a good thing going! 

Your account handles are consistent and searchable.

Choose the same handle on all social media platforms you’re planning to be active on. @baylii wasn't available as a handle on Instagram. So, we chose @bayliibranding instead. Consider including keywords that your customer would use when searching for your business. 

Your profile and cover images are crisp.

“Polished” might be in the eye of the beholder but here are some tips from our trusty designers: 

  • Your logo space around it so it doesn’t look crowded
  • Any text in your logo is large enough to read
  • Your logo has crisp, clean lines and isn’t blurry or pixelated
  • Your cover image looks crisp on mobile and desktop
  • Your bio gets down to business. 

Most social media platforms limit your bio to a precious 150 characters. Make them count! When someone pulls up your profile, they should be able to tell what your business is and what you offer in a few seconds. 

Your Instagram grid shows at least 12 posts.

If you’re not able to post on the regular, get at least 12 posts in total on your accounts. A few posts for people to peruse can be enough to legitimize your business and make a good impression. 

You post twice a month (ok, at least once...) 

There’s no exact science to posting frequency but we recommend being consistent. And so, to be consistent, pick something realistic! Once or twice a month shows that your business is, well, still in business. Don’t be too hard on yourself if this is all you can muster. Something is better than nothing!

Baylii Biscuit's Marketing Tips | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA
Baylii Biscuit Tip: Post pictures of puppies (if they’re relevant to your business!). They always get tons of likes!

If your main reason for being on social media is to legitimize your business, put in a little work to crisp up your profile pics and bio. Then you can get away with posting just once or twice a month 

We know that managing your social media can be a headache and a hassle, even if you are trying to post just once a week. Do you wish someone would just “handle” your social media accounts for you? Check out our Social Media Booster… It just might be the ticket! 

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