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boost customer trust with social media

Most of us recognize the benefit of utilizing social media to create relationships with customers, build our brand, and promote sales. But what many business owners and marketing professionals soon discover is that while social marketing platforms are free, they require an enormous amount of time, resources, and savviness to get the results your business needs.

Flexible Marketing Support

No two businesses are the same. Some businesses have a marketing team, some have a solopreneur wearing every single hat. Whatever stage your business is in, we have flexible social media marketing support options to fit your needs.
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Done with You

Have an internal team that's excited to do social media marketing but need to get them started off on the right foot? We can help! We’ll develop the strategy, style guide, design templates, and a month or two of content to get them started. Then we'll train them on scheduling, interacting, and creating future content.
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Done for You

For brands who need an ongoing supply of strategic, thoughtful, on-brand content to post, this is the option for you! We create done-for-you social media content including images, carousels, videos, and animations, as well as all captions (post text). Each post is written and designed by our team specifically for your brand. We can also post and interact for you!
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There's a goal behind the post
We make the most out of your efforts by aligning your social media strategy with your business goals. We use analytics to identify which platforms your target audiences are on and then create a strategy for content that will resonate with them!


boring content? We don't know her!
Because we have a deep understanding of our client's business as well as their customers, we're able to write compelling captions that showcase the brand's personality, appeal to their audience, and promote engagement within the given social media platform.
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Graphic Design

Custom designs for your brand
Once we have a clear understanding of the types of content you’ll be posting, we’ll develop a custom style with enough variety to keep things interesting and enough cohesion to stay on-brand.


Let us post that for you
Determining when and how to post your content—whether it’s through a mobile device in real-time or ahead of time using a scheduling platform—is a whole thing unto itself. We’ll identify the most efficient route.
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we like and follow back
We can’t post content and then call it done—this type of marketing is called social for a reason! Interacting with others and having authentic conversations is what creates that sense of community and builds trust in your brand.


we keep tabs on those algorithms
Whether it’s the user interface or feed algorithm, social media platforms update on a near-weekly basis. Staying up on technology changes ensures you aren’t missing out on features or trends. We'll identify which changes are big enough to warrant a change in our strategy.
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Recent Work

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Social Media Booster

let us handle your social media
We get it. You want to promote your business on social media but you’re too busy actually running your business. So, why not let us handle your social media? We make it our business to keep up on the latest social media trends and features, and we offer expertise in strategy, photography, video, design, and copywriting.

With the Baylii Social Media Booster, you get the power of a marketing agency creating and posting custom-made content for you and using the most up-to-date tactics to interact and build relationships between your brand and audience!

Starting at $3500 per month.
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