How to Create a Logo for Free or on a Budget

February 2, 2023

Don’t have the cash to pay big bucks for an agency to design your logo? We get it! Logo development can be costly—for good reason! Regardless, sometimes you need a free or low-cost logo design option to get you by for a while. Here are two logo design tools we recommend for clients who aren’t quite ready for a full brand development package…

Create Your Logo for Free with Canva

Canva is a tool we use a LOT! Canva is a free web-based graphic design program that is fairly easy for newbies to use. Here’s a simple video tutorial for beginners. We design tons of social media graphics and templates for ourselves and our clients on Canva. (Yes, even though we have all of the fancy graphic design programs at our fingertips, we still rely on Canva regularly!)

But you’re definitely not limited to just creating social media graphics on Canva. You can make flyers, postcards, and yes, even logos! With Canva, you start from a blank canvas which allows you to design from scratch. Canva provides a huge selection of great fonts and lots of free graphics so you can easily make a unique logo for your brand.

Create Your Logo for Free

If your budget is literally zero dollars, you can create your logo for free on Canva. Just sign up for the free account, design your logo, and export it as a PNG with a transparent background. This will get you by for a while—but PNG files do have some limitations because they are not vector (meaning they will get blurry if you make them too small or too big).

Create an Affordable Logo

If you have a little bit of budget you can use for your logo design, sign up for Canva Pro. This will allow you to download the logo you design as an SVG file—which is a vector file and the holy grail in graphic design. SVG files are infinitely scalable without getting blurry!

Create a Semi-Custom Logo with Looka

If designing your logo from scratch is a bit daunting, Looka may be a better low-cost logo design tool for you. After you enter a few details about your brand and click through some pre-made designs to indicate your style preference, Looka provides you with instant logo design options for you to choose from (and customize as needed!)

Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can purchase the Premium Logo Package which includes high resolution PNG and vector files of your logo. At the time of this writing, the Premium Logo Package is a one-time fee of $65.

Create a Custom Logo (and More) with an Agency

When the time comes that you have some budget to invest in your logo, an agency like Baylii can help you create something truly special—a design that will stand the test of time, resonate with your target audience, and reflect your brand positioning.

Additionally, many logo design agencies provide more than just one stand-alone logo. Often, you’ll receive your logo in a variety of formats and orientations including versions for dark and light backgrounds, small spaces, social media profiles, and more. You’ll be surprised at how many versions of your logo you’ll actually need!

In addition to a suite of logos, an agency can provide a Brand Book. For our clients, we pull together your brand’s positioning, logos, color palette, fonts, and other brand details into a beautiful, custom-designed Brand Book which is used to ensure brand consistency across all platforms.

Interested in having your logo designed by Baylii? We’d love to help! Email to learn more!

Whether you’re looking for a free logo design tool, a low-cost logo design tool, or you’re seeking the help of a reputable logo designer, we hope this helps you on your journey to create your logo!

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