How Much Does a Landing Page Cost in 2024?

February 14, 2024

How Much Does a Landing Page Cost in 2024?

Whether you need a landing page or an entire website, we’re going to break down all of the costs that go into it so you’ll be able to answer the question—how much does a landing page cost in 2024?

To start, let’s clear up the difference between a landing page and a one-page website. A landing page is a unique web page where the sole purpose is for your audience to do one single action (download a free tool, sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase, etc.). A single-page website is just that—it’s a website with just a homepage that more so serves to educate anyone that visits about your business and its offerings. 

Technically, you could have a landing page separate from your website by using a landing page builder. For example, Hubspot offers the ability to create landing pages that integrate seamlessly with its CMS. Many landing page builders offer that ability to make a simple one-page website, too. 

In the grand scheme, though, it’s better to have a landing page built on the same platform as your website. The path to building both landing pages and single-page websites is the same. So, let’s break down the cost. 

Why are Websites So Expensive?

We all know that a good website is an imperative aspect of your overall digital marketing strategy, But before we dive into how much websites and landing pages cost, you may be wondering, “Why are websites so expensive?” As we break down how much it costs to build a landing page (or multi-page website), you’ll see that there are many tasks to accomplish, and areas where your vendor’s expertise can make a huge difference in the long term health, ROI, and functionality of your website.

Website & Landing Page Cost

Domain Registration

Domain registration is how you secure the url for your website. We like to think of the domain as the physical address for your website. For us, this is “”.

Depending on your exact domain, this is usually pretty inexpensive (often less than $20 per year). 

Website Hosting

If you think of your domain as your website’s address, think of website hosting as the house which contains all of your stuff. Your hosting provider basically stores all of the content associated with your website (photos, videos, text, etc.). The fees for hosting vary depending on many factors including the quality and speed of the host server as well as other services the hosting provider may provide (maintenance, backups, updates, and more). 

We’ve seen hosting as inexpensive as $4 per month up to around $100 per month. Most of our client’s WordPress websites are hosted for around $50 per month and our Webflow websites are hosted for around $23 per month.

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Many hosting providers offer a couple of hours of website updates each month as part of their package. Most of the time, it’s up to the client to request updates in order to take advantage of this. Read your hosting provider’s contract carefully. If they include website updates in your service package, make sure to use them! If nothing else, you can have your hosting provider swap out photos to keep your website looking fresh and relevant. (No Christmas photos in the summer, please!)

Copywriting Fees

Many website developers don’t include content development in their pricing. If you aren’t prepared to write all of the headings, sales copy, team bios, company mission, and calls-to-action for your website, you will probably need to pay a copywriter to help you out. 

Copywriters range greatly in quality and price. A proficient copywriter will conduct brand and keyword research, as well as have a strong understanding of the psychology of sales writing.

While copywriters have a few ways of charging for their service, you can expect an experienced copywriter to cost upwards of $500 per page.  

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When you search for a copywriter, ask them about their process for selecting and using “keywords” throughout your website. Keywords are specific words or phrases that people frequently enter into search engines to find websites like yours. If a copywriter doesn’t do keywords, move on to your next option!


Most of the time, it’s best to have a professional photographer capture the photos for your website. Photography prices really vary by experience level and geographic location—the closer you are to a big city, the higher the price for these services. 

You may also need to factor in the cost of models/talent for your photos. Usually you can get a friend or family member to participate, but that’s not always feasible!

If you’re starting from scratch and need full branding photography, we recommend setting aside $1,000-$3,000 for photos. 

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Stock photos can be a good stopgap until you can get your own photography. However, you will likely need to pay your web developer extra in order to cover their time to find appropriate stock photos.

Web Design & Development

Web design and web development usually makes up the bulk of the up-front website and landing page cost. This includes the actual build-out of your website as well as launching it to your custom domain. The cost for design/development varies depending on many factors, including the following:

  • The number of pages to be built. A landing page is usually only one page.
  • Special features and functions (membership login, ecommerce, directories, etc.).
  • The cost of the actual developer. Overseas developers are often contracted to keep the cost of web development down.
  • Whether your developer helps create content (copywriting, images, videos, graphics, etc.).
  • The level to which content, structural, and technical search engine optimization (also called on-page SEO) and accessibility features are included.

Web Development Cost Calculator

Still need more info? This is how we determine the website and landing page cost for our clients. Keep in mind that our prices include the following: 

  • Strategy development for the entire website as well as for each individual page
  • Copywriting for entire website
  • On-page SEO
  • High-touch project management and guidance throughout the build
  • Photography/videography coordination
  • Custom graphics
  • Accessibility best practices
  • Training for your team

Starting cost for 1st page: $5,900

Starting cost for each additional page: $1,500

Ongoing Maintenance

Most websites require the help of a website developer on an ongoing basis to keep things running smoothly. WordPress websites require regular maintenance including plugin and theme updates. Sometimes wonky things happen to your website and you need someone at-the-ready to fix it. It’s usually best to work with the person who developed your website in the first place because they’ll know their way around your website and should be the most capable and efficient person to fix any issues that come up.

Ongoing maintenance is usually subject to your developer's hourly rate. This may range from $150-$200/hour.

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If your developer is also your hosting provider, these types of fixes may already be included in your contract. Otherwise, ask about their hourly rate and how quickly they can normally address problems that may arise.


Most website developers offer some level of training for their clients when they hand off a website. Usually this training centers around how to add new blogs, add products to an ecommerce site, or make simple text and photo edits.

It’s important to know what kind of training your developer offers and how that will work with your staff. If you have a tech-savvy team, they may only need 1-2 hours of training under their belt to be proficient. If editing a website is a completely new endeavor for your staff, they’ll probably need multiple short training sessions.

If your team only edits your website a couple of times a year, it’s very likely that they’ll need refresher training sessions so it’s a good idea to know if your developer offers this and what they charge.

If training isn't included in your website package, you should plan to pay your developer's hourly rate as an add-on. This may range from $150 -$200/hour.

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If your developer offers video or written tutorials that you can refer back to for months (years!) after the initial website buildout, this can become part of your new employee onboarding process—and it may save you from having to pay for multiple training sessions!

Next Steps

For more information on having a website designed for your small business, schedule a complimentary discovery call with our team!

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