Brand & Logo Development

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Baylii specializes in bringing every aspect of your branding, marketing, and advertising together for a seamless and effective experience. And—it all starts by developing a brand that speaks to the hearts of your team and customers.

Baylii Brand Workshop

Many clients start their journey with us through the form of a brand workshop, which is a 90-minute meeting with you and key members of your team. With the power of caffeine, we make our way through a list of questions and exercises with the purpose of drawing out key information that will aid in the development of your brand.
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Brand Development Service | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA

Brand Positioning

discover your brand's true form
We’ll work with your team to discover, update, or fine-tune your brand positioning based on your target audiences and business goals. Brand positioning is the bedrock from which strategic messaging and creative design can spring forth and start serving your goals!

Brand Messaging

speak with substance and style
What are the key differentiators for your product or service and how do they solve problems for your customers? With these questions as our guide, we'll craft succinct, compelling descriptions of your offerings and deliver them in a tone of voice consistent with your brand.
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Logo Design

gush over gorgeous branding
Depending on what you need, we’ll refresh or completely re-envision your logo resulting in a design that resonates with your target audience and reflects your brand positioning. When we’re done, you’ll receive your logo in a variety of formats and orientations for web, print, and social media.

Brand Book

preserve your brand's integrity
To maintain recognizability, it's critical to represent your brand consistently across all marketing channels. After working with your team to develop your brand positioning, messaging, logos, color palette, and supporting brand graphics, we’ll bring it all together in a customized digital Brand Book.
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Recent Work

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Business Essentials Bundle

Branding + Logo + Website

Give your business a strong foundation that you can build on for years to come! Our Business Essentials Bundle includes a branding workshop, custom logo design, a brand book, and a three-page website.
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Branding Business Essentials Bundle | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA