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We work closely with our clients to develop branding and marketing strategies that align with their business goals. But, we don’t stop there! We personally develop content and creative assets AND help get them out into the world.

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Comprehensive Marketing from a U.S.-based Agency

In the world of branding and marketing, there are a few key ingredients to how we work that makes the Baylii agency so special…

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Smart & Efficient Marketing Strategy

With so many options for marketing, it’s important to make sure that all of your time and resources are being spent wisely. We’ll develop a custom marketing strategy for you that is aligned to your business goals and ensures each piece of the plan is working together to form a robust and interconnected ecosystem.

U.S.-based Team

The Baylii team is based in Mount Vernon, Washington while our extended network of trusted marketing specialists is located throughout the U.S. By partnering with our U.S.-based team, you can expect undivided personal attention. We believe in fostering strong relationships with our clients, ensuring that their needs are met with meticulous care and expertise.

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Reliable Partnership

At Baylii, we take immense pride in being a reliable partner for our clients. We understand the significance of trust and dependability when it comes to building successful long-term relationships and we prioritize diligent project management and open and transparent communication.

Goal-aligned Marketing

We firmly believe that everything you do in marketing should be aligned to your business goals. This is where our PAKO framework comes in handy to help us strategize campaigns. We use PAKO to identify key objectives at the onset of a project and to keep us on track throughout the process.

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Meet the Baylii Team

Lizzy the CEO | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA

Lizzy Millenaar

owner, brand strategist

Lizzy is an accomplished brand builder with several years of experience bringing the visions of business owners to life. Her attention to creating harmony between design, user-experience, and the nuances of her client’s brand results in a powerful trifecta that resonates with clients and their customers.

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Morgen the Project Manager | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA

Morgen Phillips

Brand Strategist

Morgen is deeply involved in the strategic planning and pursuit of client goals. Balancing her analytical brain is a squishy, empathetic heart. Morgen loves nothing more than to reverse-engineer the ideal user experience by getting into the headspace of an audience and identifying triggers for (or barriers to) conversion!

Senior Brand Strategist Samantha Cabaluna | Baylii Branding | Mt Vernon, WA

Samantha Cabaluna

Brand Strategist

Samantha is a word-savvy branding and marketing strategist who specializes in developing and executing strategies rooted in "The Why". She strives to inspire emotional, physical, or economic action (perhaps all three!) on behalf of her clients. Writing and words are Samantha's happy place. Figuring out how to harvest their power to reach your goals is the heart of her work.

Alisa the Graphic Designer | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA

Alisa Bright

Graphic Designer

Alisa’s purpose is to unite Baylii strategy with client goals. She loves to make every unique project come to life with a brand-focused visual style. With a Bachelor’s in Design, Alisa is skilled in the thinking, language,  and application of design in branding and marketing. She looks for a good laugh in all things and enjoys mockups.

Biscuit the Office Dog | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WABiscuit the office dog | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA


concierge canine

Biscuit provides premium snuggles and protection from squirrels. Give him a treat and he’ll be your lap buddy for life!

PAKO strategy document | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA

Our Best Kept Not-So-Secret Secret

PAKO is an acronym for Purpose, Audience, Key Messages, and Outcomes. We use this framework to think strategically about every project we do—from complete rebrands to individual social media posts.

Download our free PAKO worksheet to create clarity in your campaign goals so you can move forward with confidence and purpose!
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We Aspire to Become a Trusted Partner for Our Clients

Our business philosophy is simple: by cultivating a culture of continuous learning, growth, and open communication, we harness the collective expertise and ingenuity of our team to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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We develop marketing strategies that are purposeful, efficient, and sustainable for our clients.

White Baylii circle logo | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA

We genuinely care about the success of our clients, strength of our community, and joy of our teammates.

White Baylii circle logo | Baylii Branding | Mount Vernon, WA

We use artistry and storytelling to win the attention and hearts of client audiences.

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We are a team of vibrant individuals who continuously seek to learn and grow.

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Explore Your Options & Pick Our Brain

Need to pick our brain about marketing your business? Book a discovery call! Our team of experienced professionals is here to provide you with valuable insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions for your marketing strategy. The best part? Our call is completely obligation-free and free of charge.

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